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Ventimiglia and nearby villages

Ventimiglia A border town, a city of natural pearl, a city of treasures telling of six historical periods: this is Ventimiglia. At the Balzi Rossi grottos there are important rock incisions famous internationally and dating back to the Paleolithic, to the caves of the Balzi Rossi, while one of the most beautiful and characteristic beaches […]

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Bordighera, Sanremo and nearby villages

Bordighera Chosen by the noble British as a Grand Tour destination for the mild climate, Bordighera is today the mirror of that aristocratic tourism, among precious Nineteenth-century buildings, villas and wonderful gardens like the exotic Pallanca. Claude Monet was so influenced by the greenery, the flowers and the palm trees of the Riviera during his […]

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The Argentina Valley and surroundings

Valle Argentina With a wide slope, from the sea to the 2200 meters of Monte Saccarello, from which the stream giving it the name arises, the territory of Valle Agentina extends from Arma di Taggia to Triora. However, the length of the valley is limited – it is about 30 kilometers long which the landscape […]

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Imperia and San Lorenzo al Mare

San Lorenzo Valley Behind San Lorenzo, an alluvial valley opens up and reaches the slopes of Faudo Mountain. It originates from some municipalities developed perhaps thanks to the construction of the large connection formed by the Roman street Julia Augusta. Upstream of the coast there are Civezza, Pietrabruna, Boscomare, Lingueglietta and Cipressa, whose roots seem […]

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Diano Marina and nearby areas

Valle Impero The olive groves dominate the “Dock of olive”, the Valle Impero, the largest of the West Liguria. Raising from Grande Mountain, the Impero stream, that draws its profile, runs out into the sea of Imperia. Perched villages, breathtaking views and the silver of the olive characterize the high part, where Chiusanico, Caravonica, Lucinasco, […]

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Alassio, the Hanbury Gardens and the Pelagos Sanctuary

Alassio Who has never heard of Alassio? With its quartz and silicon sandy beaches, the renowned chocolate “baci” and the famous Muretto created by Mario Berrino, where the signatures and dedications of many famous characters stand out, it is the Ligurian tourist destination for excellence. English discovered it at the end of the nineteenth century […]

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